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  1. Basic Measurement and Characteristic of SCR, TRIAC
       1-1: Operation of R.M.S. meter and measurement of three-phase voltage
       1-2: Operation of storage oscilloscope and differential amplifier
       1-3: Measurement and characteristic of SCR
       1-4: Measurement and characteristic of TRIAC 
  2. Single/Three-Phase Rectify and Phase Control (AC > DC, AC > AC)
       2-1: Single-phase half-wave uncontrolled rectifier (Half-wave rectify)
       2-2: Single-phase full-wave uncontrolled rectifier (Full-wave rectify)
       2-3: Operation of reference variable generator and three phase angle controller
       2-4: Operation of voltage/current to measuring transducer
       2-5: Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier (Half-wave controlled rectifier)
       2-6: Single-phase full-wave controlled rectifier
       2-7: Single-phase full-wave semi- symmetric –controlled rectifier (Symmetric)
       2-8: Single-phase full-wave semi- asymmetric –controlled rectifier (Asymmetric)
       2-9: Single-phase semi-controlled AC regulator
       2-10: Single-phase full-controlled AC regulator
       2-11: Three-phase half-wave uncontrolled rectifier
       2-12: Three-phase full-wave uncontrolled rectifier
       2-13: Three-phase half-wave controlled rectifier
       2-14: Three-phase full-wave semi-controlled rectifier
       2-15: Three-phase full-wave full-controlled rectifier
       2-16: Three-phase full-wave semi-controlled AC regulator
       2-17: Three-phase full-wave full-controlled AC regulator 
  3. DC Chopper Circuit and Characteristic of IGBT (DC > DC)
       3-1: Measurement and characteristic of IGBT
       3-2: Basic description of DC chopper
       3-3: Single quadrant DC chopper
       3-4: Two quadrant DC chopper
       3-5: Four quadrant DC chopper 
  4. Single/Three-Phase Frequency Converter (AC > DC > AC)
       4-1: Basic description and principle of frequency converter
       4-2: Single-phase PWM controller circuit
       4-3: Single-phase frequency converter
       4-4: Analysis of Three-phase PWM controller circuit
       4-5: Three-phase PWM controller circuit
       4-6: Three-phase frequency converter 
  5. Switching Power Supply Circuit and Characteristic of MOSFET (DC > DC)
       5-1: Measurement and characteristic of MOSFET
       5-2: Buck switching power supply
       5-3: Boost switching power supply
       5-4: Buck-boost switching power supply
       5-5: Fly-back switching power supply 
  6. Electronic Ballast Circuit (AC > AC)